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Since its inception in 1980 the Klezmer Conservatory Band has performed at hundreds of weddings, bar and bat mitzvah receptions and other private events, often playing at the bar mitzvah receptions of the children couples whose weddings we performed at.

The band can provide an afternoon or evening of entirely Jewish music, drawing on Klezmer instrumental, Yiddish vocal, Israeli and Sephardic music, or can offer a mix of Jewish and American music. The band members are all experienced and versatile musicians with the ability to play in any number of idioms -swing, polkas, waltzes, international folk music, as well as the occasional tango and samba.

When clients request a significant amount of American party music, we augment the klezmer and swing ensemble with a guitarist and a singer to help cover the popular contemporary music genres.

We have the flexibility to send a musician or two for wedding ceremonies and cocktails with additional musicians joining later and have the versatility to play classical music for wedding ceremonies and cocktail hours when desired.

The size of the ensemble can vary from one to a dozen, depending on the client's desires and budget: ensembles for weddings and Bar Mitzvah average from five to eight musicians. When a party is held indoors at a private home, the ensemble tends to run from three to five musicians. As stated above, for an event with a large dose of American music, we offer a 7 piece band or larger to cover all the idioms.

The band does not use a large sound system, and is sensitive to the needs of the guests to be able to hear each other in conversation at the dinner table as well as on the dance floor. When the ensemble is larger than a quartet, a professional sound engineer is always in attendance to monitor the sound throughout the event. For events with over 200 guests, we recommend a more sophisticated PA with an engineer. (Additional fees apply.)

Since each party has a form and function of its own, fees are determined by the client's individual requirements . The variables that affect the fee are the number of musicians hired, the number of hours they are hired for and the travel time and distance, if any, from Boston. Despite the band's versatility and world wide reputation, fees are in line with those of other Klezmer and commercial bands in the area.

Photo credit: Kathy Chapman

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